Dahlke dp150 pump

Dahlke dp150 pump

SKU: dp150

Pump Model DP150
Type H
HP Range 5-6
Size in-out 2" x 1 1/2"
RPM max. 3600
Shaft size 0.750
Seal Number PS 902

Some exclusive features not found in any other manufacturer's pumps:
- Cast-in male cam couplers in volute discharge (5 smallest sizes)
- Controlled cut water, allows close tolerance machining between impellor tip and cut water to eliminate bypass return.
- Laminar cast cut water, retains non-turbulent division through large range of radius cuts.
- Progressive "bite" five and seven vane impellors with amplified suction throat. Eliminates cavitation and increases efficiency.
- Full recessed suction eye with smooth uninterrupted inlet bore with stepped wear ring.
- Tapered suction tube O.D. for quick easy assembly & disassembly.
- Impellor diameter trims accurately cut to closely match engine torque range and pump efficiency curve.



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