Dahlke Micro 4" dredge

Dahlke Micro 4" dredge

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B Series Micro 4" XD Gold Dredge

Micro B XD 4" PolyDredge, ready for full production. Ultra-portable one piece polyethylene flotation with molded-in recovery tray and hardware mounting lugs. Tough, impact resistant laminar design will fit on a large pack frame for remote locations. Two-stage recovery with Hungarian primary and dovetail finishing riffles.

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    5 HP GC160 Honda power
    DP150 Jetting Pump
    Thomas 80AX Compressor
    Approx. 61"L x 30"W
    Molded-in Diffuser Flare
    Dual Inline Eductor with Auxillary Port
    12' Dredge Hose
    30° Suction Nozzle with Restrictor Ring.
    Instant Mount and Dismount of Power Module
    Instant Quick Lock Hose Coupler
    4 Corner Cleats for Tie-off
    Total weight with compressor 100lbs